Local 601 Referral Procedures


Effective August 1st 2015



Pursuant to the authority of Article IV of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the following procedural rules will govern within the jurisdiction of Local Union 601, I.B.E.W/



  • You can call the job line after 5:00 pm each day Monday through Friday.  The job line number is (217-239-0012).
  • Jobs available on the recorder will be placed on the Website daily at www.ibew601.org.

  • The Job line will be turned off each business day from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.  (Calling the hall after 7:00 am or before 5:00 pm to bid on a job will not be valid).
  • A brief description of the nature of the call(s) will be provided stating the name of the employer(s), the start date, # of positions available, and the anticipated job duration  (if available).
  • If you are currently on the out of work list and interested
    in any of the jobs on the recorder, applicants will be asked
    to clearly state your name, card #, and telephone number
    where you can be reached. 
  • In the event that there are more than one job available, and
    you would be interested in any one of them, state the jobs
    in the order of preference.
  • If there are no requests for manpower that day, a message 
    stating "There are no requests today"  will be on the recorder
    by 5:00 pm.
  • An applicant who comes to the hall in person and registers
    on the out of work list prior to the mornings calls being filled,
    will be referred according to the proper group and position.
  • All bidders will be ranked according to their respective 
    position on the out of work list, and called accordingly at
    the phone number listed.
  • The bidder(s) with the lowest book position will be contacted
    between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:00 am, for the issuance
    of a referral slip.
  • If you do not receive a call by 11:00 am, you can assume your
    book position was not high enough to be awarded the call.
  • If you bid on a job and do not answer the phone, or decide
    to turn down the job, you will be removed from the out of work
    list and must re-register in person.
  • After jobs are dispatched for the day, if the job call was filled
    by a registrant past #10 on the long call out of work list, then
    #1 through #10 will receive a turndown. (The only strikes
    will be given to members who are in postions #1 through #10
    when a call gets filled past their position).
  • Registrants will be allowed (2) turndowns without penalty. On
    the 3rd turndown you will be placed on the bottom of the out
    of work list.
  • A separate short call book shall be used for temporary calls
    of 14 calendar day or less.

  • A short call cannot become a long call. If referred off the short
    call list, you are restricted to one call of 14 calendar days or less.
  • Upon completion of a short call, the applicant must resign the 
    book in person at the bottom of the short call book.
  • While on a short call, you may not bid on any long calls, unless
    the start date of the long call is after the completion date
    of the short call.
  • If you accept a short call, and then later decide to turn the job
    down, quit the job, or get teminated for a justifable cause
    other than reduction of force), you must come into the office in
    person and sign the bottom of the long and short call books.
  • Accepting a short call will not clear a strike by your name on the
    long call book.
  • There will be no ding system for the short call book. If a short
    call gets filled past #10 on the short call out of work list, then # 1
    through #10 will get rolled to the bottom of the short call
  • Employers requests must be placed by 4:00 pm in order to be
    posted that day. Any request placed after 4:00 pm will not be
    posted until the following business day.
  • Job lines are reserved for members who are on the out of work
    list. Members who are working should not utilize the lines,
    keeping them free and available for those seeking employment.
  • Regardless of quantity of call, respective applicants shall receive
    only (1) strike per day.
  • The Business Manager is responsible for filling calls in a timely
    manner. This means that in an emergency, a referral may be
    made outside of normal hours using whatever means available
    to fill a call.
  • For more information regarding Local 601's referral rules, refer to
    the applicable collective bargaining agreement. 




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